DMS Ellumfest 2017

Dallas Margarita Society / Deep Ellum Brewing Company DMS Ellumfest 2017


Past Event

Location Info:

Deep Ellum
Elm St.
Dallas, TX  75226
How do you pull a Christmas gift out of a cocktail glass? That magic happens at the SECOND ANNUAL DMS ELLUMFEST for charity. The Dallas Margarita Society hosts great parties to raise money for kids. This year’s Deep Ellum pub crawl keeps those spirits flowing. On Friday, August 11, 2017, everything starts at 5:00pm. Check-in for your goodies at St. Pete’s Dancing Marlin (EllumFest glass, tribute T-shirt, and three drink tokens for well drinks or domestic beers at any partnering bar). Toast with friends along the route at Anvil Pub, Wit’s End, St. Pete’s Dancing Marlin, and end up at Deep Ellum Brewing Company for the afterparty at 11:00pm – party till the wee hours. LIVE MUSIC IN EVERY BAR ON THE ROUTE!! Get tickets early at: (tickets are $35). Come join us for a saucy Saturday and find out how you might get invited to this year’s 41st Annual Dallas Margarita Ball. When you “Party With A Purpose”, you’re lifting up the life of a kid in need with every toast you make :).


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