Dr. Bobaganush

Robert Hart. Graphics by Jeremy Word DR. BOBAGANUSH, written and directed by Matthew Posey


Past Event

Location Info:

The Ochre House
825 Exposition Ave.
Dallas, TX  75226-1743
Whoever first said "the show must go on" surely meant "in most cases." One theater that has clearly earned a hall pass? Ochre House. A few weeks ago, just before the world premiere of Dr. Bobaganush was supposed to go up, its writer, director and lead actor was the victim of attempted murder. Matthew Posey was shot twice, once in the face, while leaving Cold Beer Company in Deep Ellum. Amazingly he survived, and even more amazingly, the play's wheels are once more in motion after a short but clearly necessary delay. Posey's passion for the story, about a traveling mystic who sticks his neck out to defend Jews, homosexuals and Romas during the rise of the Nazis, simply could not be derailed. See a play that demonstrates the strength of the human spirit in more ways than one when it opens at 8:15 p.m.Wednesday, March 8, at Ochre House Theatre (825 Exposition Ave.). The first night is sold out, but the show continues through March 25. Buy tickets, 12-$17, at ochrehousetheatre.com.
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