Tue., Oct. 11, 7 p.m. 2016

Location Info:

Majestic Theatre Dallas
1925 Elm St.
Dallas, TX  75201
One of the pioneers of new wave, Elvis Costello’s career has been nothing short of seminal. After releasing My Aim is True at the height of British punk, his career has evolved steadily over the next four decades. But before making his way into mainstream culture, Costello matched wits with cultivated lyrics made popular at the time by the likes of Bob Dylan and Elton John but added a ruthlessness that was textbook punk rock. And his aversion for the press and on stage rudeness only cemented him further into the chaotic scene. But by the early '80s, Costello’s onstage antics shifted gears to something a little more conventional. Three of his releases made their way onto Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time in 2003. His continued innovation has helped maintain his relevance, and he has collaborated with a number of prolific artists since the beginning of his career, including Jenny Lewis, Billie Joe Armstrong, Allen Toussaint, Paul McCartney and, for whatever reason, Kid Rock, Fall Out Boy and Marcus Mumford. Any fan of punk music who wishes to legitimize themselves should familiarize themselves with Costello’s extensive back catalog, as his influence cannot be denied. A repertoire this expansive is sure to guarantee an engaging show for fans of all ages, even if he doesn’t always have the best taste in collaborators. He is the 80th best artist of all time, after all.
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