Father John Misty

courtesy the artist

Fame-phobic Josh Tillman, better known now as Father John Misty, is visiting the Bomb Factory off the back of his latest solo release, Pure Comedy. The former Fleet Foxes drummer leaned heavily on irony and faith in his latest release, with the title track, “Pure Comedy,” providing a list of counterfeit views we hold onto to explain the crazy world we live in. It’s deep fare from a folk singer-songwriter who’s always had a talent for using swooning lyrics and orchestral arrangements to get to the heart of a matter. Tillman comes from a religious family and upbringing, and he does his best to play up his altered father act as Father John Misty. Tracks like “When the God of Love Returns There'll Be Hell to Pay” and “Two Wildly Different Perspectives,” skewer social constructs in both religion and politics. This concert is geared to those who don't mind getting a little heavy, but Tillman's characteristic audience interaction between songs should lighten the mood and add to the fun of seeing this prolific artist live.
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