Future Islands

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The Bomb Factory
2713 Canton St.
Dallas, Texas  75226
Samuel T. Herring may not look or sound like the typical frontman of a synth-pop act, but he’s a captivating, expressive performer with an impressive vocal range and one of the most distinctive voices in the world of indie pop. That's why Future Islands’ sound is so memorable. Herring’s unique vocals sound gravelly, guttural and raspy, like some musical lovechild of Tom Waits, Tom Jones and Bruce Springsteen turned to synth-driven pop paired with confessional lyrics. (In interviews, Herring says he laughs when people compare his vocals to a “drunken Muppet” or Dracula.) Future Islands launched into popularity after the release of its fourth album, Singles, by British indie label 4AD, which also released the band’s fifth album, The Far Field, in April. Earlier this year, a Consequence of Sound writer described Future Islands as "one of the best live bands around," and the synth-pop trio from Baltimore continues to attract fans impressed by its live performances.


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