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2720 Elm St.
Dallas, TX  75226
For the past 15 years the eccentric musician, Sean Tillmann, has gyrated his nearly nude naughty bits to the delightful sounds of expertly crafted R&B as his alter ego, Har Mar Superstar. The rotund Lothario takes his music seriously however, crafting poppy synth beats that pair well against Har Mar’s crisp vocals. His latest album under the Har Mar banner, “Best Summer Ever,” came out in April and covers a cavalcade of stylistic time periods as a satirical take on a compilation album spanning from the 50s to the 80s. Tracks like the disco inspired “It Was Only Dancing (Sex),” gives the album a feeling reminiscent of the Dan Band, and the Glenn Danzig styled vocals of “Famous Last Words,” shows off Har Mar’s ability to replicate a wide swath of musical styles. So while the aesthetically closed-minded may find his live act be a little intense, new comers will quickly learn that Har Mar’s antics take a back seat to the clear craftsmanship present in his work.
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