Infinicon Fandom Participation Convention

Infinicon Fandom Participation Convention

Infinicon Staff Over 200 Activities in three days


Fri., Aug. 11, Sat., Aug. 12 and Sun., Aug. 13 2017
Infinicon is a 3-day interactive convention; August 11-13 in Dallas. Celebrity and Industry Guests are coming for photo ops and autographs. Check out the expanded Art Show, and make your own creations in Infinicon's Arts and Crafts room. The Slurred Nerd's console room has open play and gaming features, including daily prize tournaments. Mad Raven Productions provide authentic selections of Steampunk costuming, workshops, and gaming! Fans of the Rantcore Pit Podcast will enjoy gameshows all weekend long. As always, contestants will be chosen from the audience. Do you sew? Win a Brother embroidery machine or Brother sewing serger in Friday's costume tournament. No convention would be complete without the Friday night Rocky Horror Picture Show, by "Los Bastardos" DFW's premiere Shadowcast. A professional burlesque performance is free for all attendees aged 18 and older. Join CosPod the Cosplay Podcast for their headline Cosplay contest Saturday afternoon. Christopher Mihm creates award winning feature-length films which pay homage to 1950s "drive-in cinema" era. Saturday he hosts a 14-hour film marathon of his works. The public can purchase a ticket specifically for the marathon, but as a convention attendee, you get in for free. The Artemis Starship Bridge Simulator will be set up and "Quad Kings" will be hosting their Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament! Capture the entire convention by participating in the daily photo scavenger hunt. There are over two hundred activities included at the summer break convention at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Addison. Full 3-day tickets start at $50 and parking is included! Special Guest: FELIX SILLA was Sci-Fi, back when it was still “Science Fiction.” Thousands of actors today owe their careers to the foundational actors who opened up the never-before-imagined genre to new audiences in the 1960’s and beyond. They allowed themselves to be transformed through new and developmental costuming techniques that filmmakers today are striving to recapture. Mr. Silla was there and to this day continues to bring honors to his beloved roles which set our own future into motion. Infinicon is humbled to be able to present Mr. Silla to his generations of fans in a rare convention appearance. Come to Infinicon to hear him speak and to chat with him in person. This is an opportunity you will never have again in your lifetime. Also attending: Paul Kasey Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Doctor Who Torchwood The Sarah Jane Adventures Derek Arnold Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Life Karan Ashley Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Power Rangers the Movie Russ Adams Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge Screamers Christopher R. Mihm The Monster of Phantom Lake It Came From Another World! Cave Women on Mars Terror from Beneath the Earth Destination: Outer Space Attack of the Moon Zombies House of Ghosts The Giant Spider The Late Night Double Feature Danny Johnson Saves The World Weresquito: Nazi Hunter Demon with the Atomic Brain Secure your tickets today! @infiniconprod / #infinicon
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