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Jason Voorhees has had more chances than Donald Trump’s presidential ambitions. The hockey masked machete slasher has gone on killing sprees in 10 movies (there are 11 Friday the 13th movies but I’m including “Freddy vs. Jason” and not counting the first one or the horrid 2009 reboot for completely different reasons you can only see by watching both of them) and nothing can stop him. The world’s deadliest momma’s boy has been disemboweled, vivisected, exploded, drowned in water and toxic waste, electrocuted, burned alive in the Earth’s atmosphere and literally pulled into the gaping maw of Hell’s fiery furnace. Somehow, he still comes back. Either the forces of death aren’t as powerful as we imagine and fear them to be or America’s health care options are working against us even worse than we thought. Now the Dallas Comedy House (3025 Main St. in Deep Ellum) is resurrecting Jason’s hulking frame once again for its newest comedy musical Jason: A Campy Musical that explores the true emotional nature and personality of one of cinema’s most notorious serial killers. The musical has two more live performances at 10 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 21, and Friday, Oct. 28, with seating opening 30 minutes before each show. Tickets are $12 for advanced purchases and $18 at the box office on the night of the show. More info at
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