Jay Wilkinson: everyone poops

Jay Wilkinson: <i>everyone poops</i>

Dontrius Williams

Sometimes the things that unite us all aren’t the things we talk about. At least not to anyone besides our doctor, or a really, really good friend. Local artist Jay Wilkinson knows this to be true from his exploration of the human condition. He also knows that deep down, we’re all fundamentally the same, including dealings with humor, tragedy and other complexities. His latest collection, everyone poops, juxtaposes his thoughtful and analytic work of realistic figurative painting and abstract composition with a lighthearted title. Both, however, get across the same idea. Wilkinson’s exhibition, which is on display at Fort Works Art, 2100 Montgomery St., Fort Worth, comprises more than 20 oil paintings taken from candid photographs given to him by family and friends, or as he calls them, “indirect portraits.” The exhibit is free to attend and runs through July 29. For more information, visit fortworksart.com.
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