Keith Urban - ripCORD World Tour 2016

Keith Urban - ripCORD World Tour 2016



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He’s everyone’s favorite Aussie country star rocker who can riff on the guitar and sing a song about falling in love in the back of a cop car. Keith Urban has had a career in country music spanning more than 25 years. You would recognize him for his long, blonde locks and the way he bends his knees when he plays the electric guitar. Plenty of others will recognize him as a judge on American Idol. If an Aussie can sing music that falls in the country genre without ever actually singing about a farm or tailgate, Urban has pulled it off. When he visits American Airlines Center he’ll be bringing along one of country’s latest stars-in-the-making, Maren Morris. The Arlington native hasn’t performed in North Texas since releasing her debut album, Hero, which netted her five Country Music Award nominations last month.
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