Lakewood Brewing Company's Saturday Tours


2017-12-16 04:00:00
Every Sat.

Location Info:

Lakewood Brewing Co.
2302 Executive Dr.
Garland, TX  75041
We Texans like to drink. And thanks to the recent microbrew uprising, Dallas gets to do a lot more of its favorite pastime while also appearing thirsty for knowledge. Enter scene: The Brewery Tour. These socially structured weekly affairs are the collective go-to for all matters of meet-up. “What should we do on our first date?” Brewery. “Where should we all bro down this weekend?” Brewery. “Where do I take Grandma for her 85th birthday?” Brewery. So, which one do you visit? Well, remember that lost weekend when you first discovered Lakewood Brewing Company’s Till and Toil? Don’t worry: You’re not alone. Most of us blacked out after about seven of them. It is that delicious. The earthy, refreshing farmhouse saison was your drinkable, springtime soundtrack. And that summer brew you’ve been pounding at Craft and Growler, Zomer Pils? Well, it’s born from the same delicious wish-a-torium as Till and Toil — as are your other go-tos, like Hop Trapp and La Dame Du Lac, so isn’t it about time you visited this magical fermented land? Of course it is. Lakewood Brewing Company (2302 Executive Drive, Garland) offers tours every Saturday from noon to 3 p.m. and rounds out the party vibe with live music, food trucks, a souvenir glass and dirt-cheap admission. Ten bucks gets you in and three delicious samples — mmmm, samples. Comb through Lakewood’s current brews and get more information at


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