Lil Wayne - Kloser 2 U Tour

Lil Wayne - Kloser 2 U Tour



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It’s hard to remember just how radical and exhilarating Lil Wayne’s music seemed only 10 years ago. In the early 2000s, a full grown Wayne dropped into the game like a meteor, an extraterrestrial destined to reformulate a genre already infamous for its embrace of strange new worlds. Fast forward to today and Wayne can still slither through a stack of bars like a well oiled eel; he can still fold words and mold phrases into impossibly complex knots, and then unwind them with euphoric, full-sprint ease. Lil Wayne’s reach is now so thoroughly diffused into hip-hop that it’s easy to forget it wasn’t always this way. He may no longer be “the best rapper alive,” but he’s still arguably one of the most important.
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