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Majestic Theatre
1925 Elm St.
Dallas, TX  75201
To say that stand-up comic Lisa Lampanelli is an acquired taste is an oxymoron, insomuch as it implies there's anything tasteful about the Queen of Mean. Her act, made popular by her appearances on celebrity roasts, is filled with the sort of comments your redneck, racist, homophobic uncle might say after a snootful at Thanksgiving dinner. Only in Lampanelli's case audiences laugh — loudly — as she unpacks stereotypes about Jews, blacks, Latinos, gays and every other ethnic group whose members fill her audiences, waiting their turns to be hit by the comic's fire hose of extremely un-P.C. humor. If only Uncle Earl had grasped the power of transgressive irony — if he didn't really mean what he says, unlike Lampanelli — he might have given up his job at the gas station and found success on the stand-up circuit. Lampanelli performs at 8 p.m. March 31 at the Majestic Theatre, 1925 Elm St. Tickets, $39.50 - $44.50, are available at


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