Matt and Kim

Caity Colvard

Even though Matt and Kim are coming off an exciting showing at this year’s Coachella Festival, a lot of people have probably lost track of the longtime couple and indie darlings since their track "Daylight" was certified indie gold in 2009. But the duo’s knack for penning high-intensity anthems, like 2012’s "Let’s Go" and "Get It" in 2015, have ensured their spot in the hearts and minds of true fans. Their latest release, We Were the Weirdos, is a sign that time has ripened the complex beats and danceable tracks that Matt and Kim specialize in. Tracks like "Haunting Me" show a deeper side to the oft-ecstatic couple while "Let’s Run Away" hangs on the bombastic hip-hop meets funk sound of last year’s New Glow. A new album might not make it to us by 2016’s end, and their exuberant stage presence is sure to whet your appetite.
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