Migos with OG Maco



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It’s pretty safe to assume this Atlanta rap trio has had the Dallas date of their tour circled for some time now. This influential bunch, who brought the dab to prominence in pop culture and who are reshaping the American lexicon with their unique lingo, have an affinity for naming tracks after Dallas sports heroes such as Emmitt Smith and most recently Dirk Nowitzki. (No word on their cameos yet.) If that hometown connection isn’t enough to get you out to the show, the rare opportunity to see all three members together might do it. During their three years of monumental national success, legal troubles have made it a rarity for all three members to perform together on stage. Luckily for us, this will be the second time Quavo, Takeoff and Offset are all able to make it to a Dallas show. Now it’s just a matter of speculating which tracks they’ll choose to perform from their absurdly deep catalog that includes one official studio album and over a dozen mixtapes. Mikel Galicia
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