Milagro el Revelar A Retrospective Photographs by Tammy Cromer

Milagro el Revelar A Retrospective Photographs by Tammy Cromer

Tammy Cromer untitled, Hands, Texas Drought 2011, The Crazy Ones


2017-10-21 11:00:00
11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. October 21
Milagro el Revelar A Retrospective Photographs by Tammy Cromer September 9- October 21, 2017 Join us Saturday September 9, from 6-9 pm for Milagro el Revelar, a Retrospective, photographs by Tammy Cromer. These images explore the miracle of pregnancy through Milagro. Body of Work examines the abstract views of the body and flowers. Fruit of the Orchard | Environmental Justice tells the story of Winona, TX and their struggle with a hazardous waste - injection well. From illnesses, deaths and the ultimate shutdown of the facility. The Space Shuttle Columbia documents the people that saw the Space Shuttle Columbia break apart over East Texas that killed the seven astronauts. The series Power, document sources of Power generation such as coal burning power plants, coal mines, and wind farms. Power explores the effects on our planet because of our use of it. We also examine the BP Oil Spill and Environmental Justice in the United States. We show the beauty of the 2011 Drought with landscapes. Human and Sex Trafficking is a topic of our latest movie, Body and Soul/Breaking Free that is an adaptation of Teresa Richenberger’s book Sold to the Highest Bidder. We end with The Crazy Ones. A look at people with mental illnesses to help raise awareness of it. About TAMMY CROMER PHOTOGRAPHY | GALLERY Tammy Cromer Gallery is a contemporary photo gallery committed to exhibiting work by emerging and established photographers in a wide range of styles. The gallery’s artistic program proudly supports artists who are interested in issues of ecology and society. In addition, the gallery holds regular exhibitions dedicated to Lomography™, and has kept continual sponsorship by Holga cameras since 2009. Tammy Cromer has worked with various public institutions, private collectors, and curators, maintaining an active voice in supporting local and internationally recognized photographers. The gallery was established in 2006 in Longview, and moved to its current home in the Dallas Design District in 2016. During this time Tammy Cromer Gallery has shown work by Dan Burkholder, Susan Burnstine, Sonia Katchian, Robert Langham, O. Rufus Lovett, and The Texas Photographic Society, among others.
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