Precision in Painting

The Museum of Geometric and Madi Art On Giving, Benini 1995, 44" diameter, acrylics on canvas on aluminum.


2017-04-22 10:00:00
10:00 a.m. daily until April 23
The 2017 program of the Museum of Geometric and MADI Art begins with the 1990s works of Italian-born Benini — shaped canvases in which his distinctive signature technique creates a magical effect of dimensionality. Benini: Alla Geometria! is his 163rd solo exhibition and first show in Dallas in more a decade. His geometric paintings join hundreds of works on display in the museum's collection. A private museum is being established for his work in the Texas Hill Country. Benini will attend the opening at 6 p.m. Friday, Jan. 27. The exhibit continues through April 23.


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