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Prophets and Outlaws are a Texas band that properly demonstrates their diverse musical roots. They reference country music, not as flip-flop wearing, beer-swigging banker bros, but instead as gritty songsmiths with a penchant for sharp and detailed storytelling. They incorporate elements of the blues, but do so in subtly harmonious ways, shying away from long, drawn-out guitar solos and smirk-filled covers. And, they can flat-out jam with the best of any of the recent neo-soul revivalists out there touring today, with their tight five-part harmonies and urgent swagger providing hooks catchy enough to get listeners out of their seats and up on the dance floor. In short, their music is fun and exciting, vibrant and enriching, with memorable songs comprising the bulk of their often raucous live performances. The Friday before Christmas should make for an even more festive and loose atmosphere as their touring show rolls into the House of Blues with fellow North Texans George Dunham and the Bird Dogs and Ray Johnston in tow as opening acts.
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