RC & the Gritz, DJ Jay Clipp


9:00 p.m. every Wed.

Location Info:

The Prophet Bar
2548 Elm St.
Dallas, TX  75226-1420
Every week, RC & the Gritz hit the Prophet Bar for a jazz tinged jam session that daps, pounds, and nods to hip-hop, r&b, and funk. The band makes it look so effortless and easy every time, just as a pro should. But, it’s no wonder they’re so great, they’re Erykah Badu’s band and you know she would only accept the very best. Also, on the docket, the hottest r&b open mic night in all of Dallas. It can make for a late school night, but it's always worth the espresso the next day. William's builds the session like foreplay. A mellow jazz chord builds to a funkier hip hop groove, back to an R&B section heavy on the keys and hits a peak somewhere in a gospel neighborhood.
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