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The Bomb Factory
2713 Canton St.
Dallas, Texas  75226
René Pérez Joglar, aka Residente, is a folk hero in his native Puerto Rico. His name skyrocketed after Joglar’s former group, Calle 13, released the controversial track “Querido F.B.I.” Joglar was angered by the death of Filiberto Ojeda Ríos, the leader of Puerto Rican revolutionary group Los Macheteros, during an FBI raid. The song condemned the actions of the American government and was quickly followed up by two radio hits, “Se Vale Tó-Tó” and “Atrevete-te-te!” Calle 13, formed in 2004 and comprising Joglar, his step-brother and his half-sister, has won 25 Latin Grammys — more than any artist in history and twice as many as Shakira. Residente’s self-titled album is his first as a solo act, and it's inspired by the results of a DNA test that traced his roots from locations across the world. Residente is a multi-ethnic cacophony that bounces rhythmically from Siberia to England to Spain. Joglar’s style of reggaeton-influenced hip-hop transcends cultural and language barriers. It’s entertaining no matter your background.
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