Roger Waters: US + Them

Roger Waters: US + Them



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It’s 2017 and Roger Waters has found himself again, or been transformed — whatever you call it, something has relit a spark in the former frontman of space rock titans Pink Floyd. Waters’ latest album, the sinewy yet baroque Is This The Life We Really Want?, is the most ambitious and naked material we’ve seen from the artist in more than four decades. Glimpses of late-period David Bowie and born-again Bob Dylan haunt Water’s skeletal new songs, which creak with the wisdom, pain and cynicism that only age can instill in us. Its title track paints a somber, sobering portrait of our frighteningly comical present, a reality fleshed out with President Donald Trump soundbites, the screams of protests and plodding, funereal basslines. Joining heads with producer, engineer and soundsmith Nigel Godrich — the so-called “sixth member” of Radiohead — is no doubt somewhat to blame, but these new compositions move with a textural nuance and grand sweep that’s unmistakably Waters. It’s no wonder he’s back on the road again, working his way through a country he’s seen more times than most of us combined. In addition to his new music, Waters has promised to perform lush, multimedia renditions of classic Pink Floyd tracks from Dark Side of the Moon, The Wall and more.
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