Sarah Jaffe ?at the Box Garden Grand Opening Party!


Past Event

Location Info:

Legacy Hall
7800 Windrose Avenue
Plano, TX  75024

Promotional Event Description

Sarah Jaffe ?at the Box Garden Grand Opening Party!

This isn’t just any concert, this is THE Grand Opening Party for the newest entertainment venue to hit North Texas, the Box Garden at Legacy Hall. No one else is better suited for this groundbreaking live show than Sarah Jaffe. Jaffe has a history of breaking ground for some of the most popular music venues in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and with her electro-pop, storytelling style, it’s the perfect fit for this grand opening party. Plus, with opening act TOMKAT, led by Katrina Cain, the Box Garden is going to make ripples in the DFW music scene and rock the night. The Box Garden is the answer to the proverbial question; What do you want to do today? Not only will the 4-daylong event complete your weekend plans for May 17-20, but the multi-use, multi-bar, multi-seat, multi-food stall, multi-event venue will be filling your calendar for the rest of the year. Lineup | Box Garden Grand Opening Party | May 17 – 20 Thursday, May 17 - The Kickoff Party 4:30 p.m. Ribbon Cutting with Chris Watson Band 5 p.m. BBQ Happy Hour 11 p.m. It's DJ EJ Friday, May 18 - Headliner Sarah Jaffe Concert 7 p.m. Sarah Jaffe with TOMKAT Saturday, May 19 - Music All Day for the Fans 11 a.m. Taste of Texas Sleepy Zuhoski Madison King Vandoliers Kirk Thurmond & The Millennials 10:30 p.m. Late Night Silent Disco Sunday, May 20 - Celebrate Local Fare 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. Farmers Market & Live Music 4 p.m. Chet Stevens Music


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