Studio B Presents But Why Bump Off Barnaby (Dinner Theater)


2017-11-24 19:00:00
7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. daily

Location Info:

Studio B Performing Arts Center
1 Nelson Parkway
Highland Village, TX  75077
This lunatic show poses a fascinating mystery. When Barnaby Folcey is murdered at a family gathering at Marlgate Manor it transpires that he had a motive to murder everybody else but no one had a reason to want him dead. While dying, he scrawled the letters "b-a-r," which can implicate everyone. While the bizarre group frantically tries to unmask the murderer, people vanish, poison is found in the sherry and the police take forever to arrive. Meanwhile, there's a secret treasure to be found, a mystifying limerick to decode and all sorts of doom to be avoided before the killer is unmasked! Performance Dates: Friday, September 18, Saturday, September 19 7:00 Dinner, 7:30 Showtime Sunday, September 2:00 Lunch 2:30 Showtime


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