The Basics of Dancing Sexy

The Basics of Dancing Sexy

Roderick Pullum


Past Event

Location Info:

Zensual Dance Fitness
17062 Preston Road, Suite 108
Dallas, Texas  75248
Here’s a fact of life we all know to be true: Some people are inherently suave, sophisticated and cool while others constantly struggle just to make small talk or keep mustard from spilling onto their T-shirts. If you feel any kinship with the clumsy, the awkward or the mustard-stained, and you want to woo your significant other or just get in a good workout, join Zensual Dance Fitness — Dallas Pole Dancing, 17062 Preston Road, No. 108, at 2:30 p.m Sunday for The Basics of Dancing Sexy, a size-inclusive, four-hour class. This playful workshop teaches classy and seductive moves that won’t leave you tripping over pantyhose or rolling an ankle in 3-inch heels. Bring plenty of water, “sexy comfortable” clothing and your favorite pair of high heels to learn a routine designed to tone, strengthen and build flexibility. Light refreshments will be served, and tickets are available for $100 at the door or at


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