The Damned 40th Anniversary U.S. Tour

The Damned 40th Anniversary U.S. Tour



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In many ways, The Damned are the quintessential punk band. They released the first ever U.K. punk single, “New Rose,” and the first such album, ‘77s Damned Damned Damned, and were the first punk act to tour the United States. Driving, hardline structures, crashing drums and an infectious energy have been fueling the band for going on 40 years now. While their critical success has endured a noticeable bell curve, a relentless backbone and sheer force have kept The Damned true through even the worst of times. Live and in person – well, there’s just few bands that give as much as The Damned. They lay it out there every fucking time. Punk’s heyday might be behind us (hell, The Damned’s heyday is certainly back there, too), but in the midsection of the band’s upcoming Dallas set – as the history of punk music unfurls before you in all its sparking glory – you won’t give a damn that the band’s over the hill. Because for that moment, for that night, they won’t be.
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