The Great American Sideshow

<i>The Great American Sideshow</i>

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The Cry Havoc Theater Company presents the biting political allegory The Great American Sideshow, co-produced with Kitchen Dog Theater. The Great American Sideshow outlines the story of Otto Barron, the new owner of The Great American Sideshow, and his attempts to coerce his employees to embrace his own perverse worldview, all for the sake of making The Great American Sideshow great again. Dissenters are met with manipulation, intimidation and (presumably) death. By the end of the tale, no one seems to remember how The Great American Sideshow began, much less what it stood for. The subtext is both sad and frightening, revealing how, through ego and greed, an agenda can undermine and ultimately destroy the bedrock from which it sprung. Performances take place at 8 p.m. Friday, Aug. 4, through Sunday, Aug. 6, and Wednesday, Aug. 9, through Saturday, Aug. 12, at Trinity Rivers Arts Center, 2600 N. Stemmons Freeway. Tickets are $15. For more information, visit
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