2 Chainz is most famous for inexplicably crushing these G.O.O.D. Music posse cuts. Take “Champions,” a star-studded song featuring Big Sean, Quavo and the rejuvenated Gucci Mane: 2 Chainz outmaneuvers them all with nimble, dipped-in-filth grinning quotables. Seizing the moment better than his peers has been Chainz’s M.O. since at least 2012’s “Mercy,” owing to a drive to keep himself accessible that belies his savviness. Carrying weed for Ludacris (probably not literally) while peers like T.I. grew into household names (2 Chainz’s group Playaz Circle released United We Stand, United We Fall in 2002, the year after T.I.P.’s I’m Serious) instilled in the rapper that has appreciated into a well-regarded seniority. Why was 2 Chainz so involved with the PR behind The Life of Pablo even as he’s still unsigned to G.O.O.D.? Why not? Who else generates just enough excitement to not shift paradigms like 2 Chainz? Functionally speaking, he has the consumer shelf life of potato chips.
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