Trinity River Project by Marcos Lutyens and Laray Polk

Trinity River Project by Marcos Lutyens and Laray Polk

Courtesy of the Artist Marcos Lutyens


Past Event

Location Info:

Liliana Bloch Gallery
2271 Monitor st.
Dallas, Texas  75207
PLEASE NOTE: The gallery will accept reservations for the guided meditation sessions ONLY AFTER October 10. THIS EVENT IS FREE. Sponsored by the URBANO PROJECT at Liliana Bloch Gallery The Liliana Bloch Gallery is proud to present its second URBANO public program entitled TRINITY RIVER PROJECT by Laray Polk and Marcos Lutyens. Lutyens and Polk will combine their practices to create the TRINITY RIVER PROJECT. The exhibition has no fixed location, and won't occupy three-dimensional space in the usual sense. The project will kick off with the publication of a series of journalistic articles related to the Trinity River on Oct.10th. The articles, one appearing each day over a two-week span, will be published on D Magazine's blog, FrontBurner. As a culminating event, on Saturday, Oct. 22, Lutyens will conduct a guided meditation at an outdoor location (TBA) along the Trinity River. Reservations to attend the Oct. 22nd event can be made through the Liliana Bloch Gallery. As collaborators, Lutyens and Polk seek to provide an opportunity for the viewer (as reader and contemplator) to become uprooted in their perceptions of the Trinity River, then re-rooted in the spirit of new possibilities. Marcos Lutyens’s practice has centered on the investigation of consciousness to engage the visitor’s embodied experience of art. Exhibitions of infinite scale and nature have been installed in the minds of visitors. His investigations have included research with social groups such as the third-gender Muxhe, Raeilians, synaesthetes, border migrants, space engineers and mental architects to explore how unconscious mind-sets shift across cultures and backgrounds. Lutyens has developed projects that involve our external surroundings. Works include interactions with pedestrian flows, social media dialogue, air quality levels, animal and biological intercommunication. Lutyens has exhibited internationally such as at dOCUMENTA(13), the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Centre Georges Pompidou, the Royal Academy, the National Art Museum of China, MoMA PS1. He worked in alliance with Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev on the 14th Istanbul Biennial, where he also created a large scale installation on a ship, as well as preparing the public program ‘Thought Forms and Brain Waves: Neuro-Aesthetics and Art,’ which included some of the world’s leading neuroscientists. Lutyens recently launched his book ‘Memoirs of a Hypnotist: 100 Days.’ Present work includes projects at Manifesta, the Liverpool Biennial, the GAM at Turin. Laray Polk is a multimedia artist and writer. Her interests include politics, media analysis, nuclear nonproliferation and climate change. Her articles have appeared in print in The Dallas Morning News, D Magazine and In These Times and online at Rural America In These Times, Common Dreams, CounterPunch, Pacific Free Press, Sri Lanka Guardian and Znet. Her multimedia exhibitions include Gaza Zoo (a project centered around the politics of captivity); and The Beautiful Obstacle (a history of the military-industrial complex at MIT). Research projects include the study of Cambodian palm-leaf manuscripts at Cornell University, interviews with Navajo Code Talkers in New Mexico, and travel to living Maya communities and archeological sites in the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve.


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