Matt Tolentino

8:00 p.m. every Thu.
The Bavarian Grill
221 W. Parker Road, 227 Plano, TX

Price: Free

Matt Tolentino Never Shook Rollini Spell

At age 8, Matt Tolentino, a kid in East Dallas, became enchanted by the great Adrian Rollini, an early 20th century jazz instrumentalist best known for his bass sax in the speakeasy era just before the advent of big band swing music. Lucky for Dallas, Tolentino never came out from under Rollini's magic spell. Now in his 20s, Tolentino is proprietor of the city's coolest, quirkiest, retro jazz group, the Singapore Slingers, a full 18-piece orchestra with five strings, four reeds, three brass, five rhythm players and, of course, tah dah! ... Tolentino on the bass saxophone. Although best-known for his work with the orchestra, Tolentino plays a mean solo accordion, which he will break out for a solo performance at Bavarian Grill this Thursday night.

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The Bavarian Grill

221 W. Parker Road Plano, TX