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Big Tex Choice Awards

Fair Park : 10:00 a.m. September 1

You say you just can't wait to get your greasy mitts on some of the fine State Fair of Texas fried food? Twelve months is just too long to wait between bouts of funnel cakes and corn dogs? Well, we have good news and bad news. The good news is that for the first time ever, the fair is letting... More >>

Fair Park Food and Drink

Pickin' for Preemies

Billy Bob's Texas : 3:30 p.m. September 1

One will be hard-pressed to point out an annual benefit show in the past decade that’s been as impactful as the annual Pickin’ for Preemies show has been. This year marks the ninth edition and it will again benefit the Cook Children’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. This... More >>

Fort Worth Music

Tuesday Night Trash:Stunt Rock

Texas Theatre : 9:15 p.m. September 2

Some movies are just downright trashy. Not trashy in a sexy, tawdry way but trashy in a why-the-hell-can't-I-turn-this-POS-off way. When the acting is downright awful, the plot absurd and the production quality minimal, the filmmaker may not have a blockbuster, but it might have a late-night... More >>

Oak Cliff & South Dallas Film - Events

Juicy J, T$

Trees : 7:00 p.m. September 3

Juicy J won an Academy Award before Martin Scorsese. Why? Because he is perhaps the most talented rapper-producer in the history of Southern hip-hop who's name is not DJ Screw nor a member of UGK. Ever since soloing on the first Three Six Mafia track, “Slob On My Nob,” J has been... More >>

Downtown & Deep Ellum Music

Jewish Film Festival

Studio Movie Grill - Spring Valley : September 4

The Jewish Community Center of Dallas' annual film festival is one of the smaller jewels in the DFW's cinematic crown. It may not take up as much real estate as the USA Film Festival or the Dallas International Film Festival but it still sparkles when the light shines upon it. This year's... More >>

Garland & Vicinity Film - Festivals

Adam Ball & (FEATURE) Michelle Rawlings

The Goss-Michael Foundation : 6:00 p.m. September 4

For much of its existence, the Goss Michael Foundation has been known as that George Michael art place. But in the past few years, it's beginning to prove that it can be so much more. With Kenny Goss at the helm, the space has introduced innovative educational and charitable initiatives like... More >>

Downtown & Deep Ellum Art - Openings and Events

Islands, TEEN

Dada : 8:00 p.m. September 4

For better or worse, this is the type of future Zappa saw for pop, a contraption as regressive as it is disarming, music as sour candy. Rising from the ashes of cult act the Unicorns, Islands is in many ways your typical indie pop-rock outfit:melodic, twee, syrupy; one part Cramps, two parts... More >>

Downtown & Deep Ellum Music

Brad Paisley

Gexa Energy Pavilion : 7:00 p.m. September 5

Whether it was a publicity stunt or not, Brad Paisley seemed to piss off some record label executives by leaking his album Moonshine in the Trunk track by track. Well, now the album is officially out and all of the leaking must have garnered enough attention to be iTunes' No. 1 country album.... More >>

Fair Park Music

Draped Up & Dripped Out: Party

Oak Cliff Cultural Center : 7:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. September 5

What's that saying about tides and ships? As the arts scene in Texas swells, so does the opportunity for cross-city collaboration. Whether it be sending Dallas artists to Austin, or bringing Houston artists here, as is the case with Draped Up & Dripped Out, a two-part exhibition at the Oak... More >>

Oak Cliff & South Dallas Arts

Pinback, Tera Melos

Trees : 7:00 p.m. September 5

'90s indie rockers currently rule the Dallas tour circuit. It seems the never-ending barrage of bands from that era have led to bearded dudes invading every festival and venue in the area to indulge in some needed nostalgia while the kids are with the babysitter. The progressive work of San... More >>

Downtown & Deep Ellum Music

Naughty Bits

Lakewood Theater : 8:00 p.m. September 5

Tifa Tittlywinks, Kiki Maroon, Divertida Devotchka, Vivienne Vermuth, Layna D’Luna, and Lola LeStrange want to show you their naughty bits. Seriously. And, they are doing it all in the name of video games. A dream come true, right? You can thank Viva Dallas Burlesque for it; see,... More >>

East Dallas & Lakewood Burlesque

Nancy Myers

The Sixth Floor Museum : 2:00 p.m. September 6

Having a personal insight into American history is something so few people can really boast. You may have been a part of a historic gathering in your time, but it’s likely nobody will ever ask you about that time you drank your way through the crowds at Cowboy’s Stadium... More >>

Downtown & Deep Ellum History

Casey Gray: Of Land and Sea

Circuit 12 Contemporary : 6:00 p.m. September 6

In much of Casey Gray's art, there's a humorous tension between message and medium. Imagine if the 17th century Flemish painters had worked in spray paint. Conversely, picture Peter Paul Rubens on a skateboard. See? Funny. This was the crux of much of San Francisco-based Gray's early work, some... More >>

Downtown & Deep Ellum Art - Galleries

Linkin Park

Gexa Energy Pavilion : 6:30 p.m. September 6

After releasing several albums that experimented with electronic music, Linkin Park’s most recent effort, The Hunting Party, returned the band to its alt-rock sound. Some claimed that returning to rock was both a safe and desperate move, but the results are difficult to debate. With... More >>

Fair Park Music

Aretha Franklin

The Winspear Opera House : 8:00 p.m. September 6

One of the golden treasures of American music, Aretha Franklin is one of the most important musical artists of the 20th century. Her impact on soul and pop cannot be overstated. At 72, Franklin’s amazing pipes are still capable of belting out such legendary fare as “Respect,”... More >>

Downtown & Deep Ellum Music

Gilbert Gottfried

Hyena's Comedy Club Dallas : 8:00 p.m. September 6

The man with the most distinctive voice in comedy defines the concept of a "comic's comic." Gilbert Gottfried did more than just spend a lifetime doing comedy and spending a season or two on Saturday Night Live. He stuck to his comedy no matter where his career took him through roles in... More >>

East Dallas & Lakewood Comedy

Drake vs. Lil Wayne

Gexa Energy Pavilion : 7:00 p.m. September 7

We legit considered posting a photo of shocked Drake in the Anaconda video next to a photo of a confused looking Weezy with the word “vs” between them, but that would mean we couldn’t tell you how amazing it is that Drake has progressed like he has. Long the butt of jokes when... More >>

Fair Park Music

Washed Out, Small Black

Granada Theater : 7:00 p.m. September 8

Last year, Ernest Greene, the soundscape architect behind Washed Out, seemed to have slipped away from the safety of his band's minimalistic chillwave tether. On sophomore relase, Paracosm, he attempted to explore untested waters, pursuing fantasy inspired textures and intricate lyricism,... More >>

East Dallas & Lakewood Music

J Boog

Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill : 8:00 p.m. September 9

In 2003 J Boog and his bandmates in B2k teamed up with Marques Houston to take on some crosstown rivals in a Los Angeles dance competition for $50000. This was a seminal moment in dance competitions: many a sucker was served in the chaos of it all and J Boog and friends prevailed in the end, ... More >>

Northwest Dallas Music

Delta Spirit, EDJ

Granada Theater : 8:00 p.m. September 10

After being pigeonholed as an Americana act, the members of Delta Spirit decided to expand their musical horizons and released an incredible self-titled effort in 2012 that redefined the band. Those rootsy influences were still there, but the new and improved sonic palette included several... More >>

East Dallas & Lakewood Music

Wait Until Dark

Contemporary Theatre of Dallas : 8:00 p.m. every Thu., Fri., Sat. until September 7; 2:00 p.m. every Sun. until September 7

The threat of having any one of your senses taken away can be frightening, but when you consider that condition could make you a target, the fright start to multiply. Within that fright lays the power of Frederick Knott’s play, Wait Until Dark. As the audience, we aren’t the... More >>

East Dallas & Lakewood Theater

Gary Sweeney

Red Arrow Contemporary : 10:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. every Mon., Tue., Wed., Thu., Fri. until October 5; 6:00 p.m. September 6; 12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. September 13

As most Texans are well aware, our state’s image and history is rife with cultural intrigue and mystery. From the grizzled cowboy to Charles Whitman, there is no shortage of exotic motifs in the Lone Star state, and since 1996 California native Gary Sweeney has utilized our eccentric... More >>

Downtown & Deep Ellum Art - Galleries

Jason Mraz

The Winspear Opera House : 8:00 p.m. September 2; 8:00 p.m. September 3

Jason Mraz continues his run of pop success with his latest album, Yes! Written with all-female folk group Raining Jane and recorded at home in his avocado ranch in San Diego, it's the perfect counterpart to his earthy summer vibe, clear, old-crooner enunciation and Hallmark-card-lovey lyrics.... More >>

Downtown & Deep Ellum Music

Buyer & Cellar

Dallas City Performance Hall : 8:00 p.m. September 3; 8:00 p.m. every Thu., Fri., Sat. from September 4 until September 6; 2:00 p.m. September 6

Did you know that Barbra Streisand has a shopping mall in the basement of her house? (Stars, they’re just like us!). That real mall is the setting of Jonathan Tolins’ otherwise fictional one-man comedy, Buyer & Cellar, which arrives at the Dallas City Performance Hall (2520 Flora... More >>

Uptown & Oak Lawn Theater

"Let's Dance"

Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center : 7:30 p.m. September 5; 7:30 p.m. September 6; 2:30 p.m. September 7

To open its 2014/2015 Pops Season, The Dallas Symphony orchestra and Principal Pops Conductor Jeff Tyzik have enlisted the help of some exceptionally talented dancers. On Friday, September 5th at 7:30pm, the orchestra will present “Let’s Dance,” a concert of music that spans... More >>

Downtown & Deep Ellum Music
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