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Super Bowl-Related Events

Super Bowl-Related Events

Dallas plays proud host to the best football team ever biggest annual event in professional football...and nightlife...and rubbing elbows with celebrities who have vague relationships with professional sports. The city welcomes a great many fans (who we feel deserve fair warning about just diving into Tex-Mex cuisine full-throttle), those aforementioned celebs and NFL elite for pre-Bowl events that range from legit, inspiring and athlete-focused galas to big ass rock concerts to interesting fetes that throw unsuspecting Hall of Famers to the sportcoat-wearing chets and bedazzled cougars. Play hard, Dallas, but play safe, too.

Check out our comprehensive (and chronological) list below of Super Bowl-related goings-on about town.

Super Bowl XLV kicks off on February 6 in Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

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