Amphibian Stage Productions

120 S. Main St.
Fort Worth, TX 76104
Amphibian Stage Productions seeks to produce innovative and engaging works of theatre that challenge the way we see the world around us.

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  • Amphibian Stage’s Quixotic Days Tilts at the Windmills of Your Mind
    19 days ago by Elaine Liner

    So many elements are sublime in the world premiere production of Brenda Withers’ The Quixotic Days and Errant Nights of the Knight Errant Don Quixote at Fort Worth’s Amphibian Stage. Director Matthew Earnest has put together a super...

  • Wipe the Slate Clean
    1 year ago by Lauren Smart

    Two left turns may not make a right and forgiving may not be the same as forgetting. But imagine a world where we didn’t need to shroud truths in idioms, instead facing our wrongdoings with unblinking eyes. Perhaps in this wor...

  • I Don't Want to Grow Up
    1 year ago by Lauren Smart

    A grown man who lives with his parents; your cousin who has no desire to keep her day job. A psychologist nicknamed them “kidults.” Everybody knows a few. Hell, I’ve dated a few. These stunted adults are the subjec...


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