Bishop Arts Theater Center

215 S. Tyler St.
Dallas, TX 75208

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  • Heard it through the Clothesline
    4 months ago by Kelly Dearmore

    These days, we can send random thoughts, meaningless musings and politically charged invective to countless people with just a couple of clicks on our phones. But there was a time when the tales, thoughts and wishes that made their ...

  • At Last, Your Vote Counts
    6 months ago by Jennifer Davis- Lamm

    Ever feel like your voice just isn’t being heard? Like in that last election when a bunch of cringe-inducing nutbags got elected to run all the things? Or when you spent the night texting Dancing with the Stars and they still ...

  • Black Nativity
    8 months ago by Danielle Georgiou

    TeCo Theatrical Productions opens its 2014-2015 season with Langston Hughes’ Black Nativity, a Gospel-style musical version of the classic Nativity story. TeCo’s adaptation features traditional Christmas hymns, holiday s...

  • All the World’s A Stage
    1 year ago by Jennifer Davis- Lamm

    As our old pal Bill Shakespeare once said: “The play’s the thing.” He would know — the play certainly was his thing, thus ensuring that it became “the thing” that every high school English student...

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