Cohn Drennan Contemporary

4118 Commerce
Dallas, TX 75226

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  • Self Published
    9 months ago by Lauren Smart

    Everybody has that friend who self published their novel and is begging you to stop by the Amazon page and give it a sparkling review. The idea of self publishing can earn sneers from the people who believe in the value of the backi...

  • Prints! Prints! Prints!
    1 year ago by Lauren Smart

    This summer may go down as the season of printmaking. Thus far, we’ve had parties dedicated to the often over-looked art form, as well as live displays of the complicated process of paint, emulsions, scraping and pressing. The...

  • I’m (Moving on/Alright)
    1 year ago by Jennifer Davis- Lamm

    In art, different mediums have the capacity for different stories. Canvas conveys swaths of colors, sculpture evokes angles, mixed media gives us sounds and textures and videos. And ceramics—well, ceramics have a trick up thei...

  • Art in a Dungeon? You Know You Wanna
    1 year ago by Danielle Georgiou

    To break in their new space in Expo Park, Cohn Drennan Contemporary’s inaugural show, scrapbook, takes us on trip through Texas counterculture from 1982-2002. With a book release and photography exhibition by Dan Allen, the sh...

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