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Copper Spur Saloon - Closed

6524 E. NW Highway
Dallas, TX 75231
Pity the band that competes for patrons' attention against the raucous games of darts, shuffleboard, pool, cards and shit-talking on a Saturday night at the Copper Spur Saloon--featured in "Dallas's Most Authentic Dive Bars". It's a tough crowd, but maybe they're just following the lead of owner Nell Scarborough, a stocky gray-haired woman whose quick movements belie her years. She watches over her customers like a mother whose children long ago stopped disappointing her and have since become a source of amusement. The place is hidden behind a Tejano club in a potholed parking lot across from Keller's on Northwest Highway. But there's no hiding the beer--cold, cheap and American--or the constant din of clinking bottles pounding against tabletops or shattering in trash cans. Of course, with happy hour prices including $3 wells till midnight on some nights, the harder stuff isn't an uncommon sight. It's the kind of place best enjoyed with a group of drinkers who realize that mechanical bulls are for tourists.

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