Cosmo's Restaurant and Bar

1212 Skillman St.
Dallas, TX 75206
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  • Daily 5pm-2am
  • Takeout
Walking into Lakewood's Cosmo's Bar and Lounge and hearing Yo La Tengo's “Autumn Sweater” is the perfect palate cleanser. The song, along with room – lit by red lamps scattered throughout – signals a change of pace from the outside world. Equally welcome tunes keep emanating from the jukebox: The Kinks, Devo and Michael Jackson – all artists that helped earned the dive bar a few Best Jukebox awards from the Observer. The semi-circular wooden bar, set atop a small platform in the corner of the room, is manned by a fast-working bartender who can whip up a French 75 almost as fast as he can pop the top off of a Lone Star.

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