Deep Sushi

What happens when a group of doctors with appetites for sushi decide to open their own restaurant? This place happens. Since 1996, Deep Sushi has not only served the predilections of its owners but also those of the surrounding neighborhood and beyond. Its green-tile façade is reminiscent of the green shades of nori, the seaweed paper used to wrap certain types of sushi. Inside, passionate reds glow as a counterpoint to the cool warmth of the storefront. A passion for creative sushi is evident at first glance, especially at the bar. But it's more than just sushi that shines on the menu. From the kitchen, there are sobas, tempuras, traditional starters and teppan yaki. Then there is the everything-but-the-net salad of yellowtail, tuna, salmon, white tuna and shrimp sashimi with fresh seaweed, radish, cucumber, asparagus and citron sauce. It's almost as large as the popular aircraft carrier-sized sushi boats.

Restaurant Details