Double Tree Dallas Market Center Hotel

2015 Market Center Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75207

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  • Spidey Weekend
    4 months ago by Danny Gallagher

    Spider-Man is the super hero that all other superheroes envy. He can’t fly like Superman but come on, flying is such a boring and obvious superpower. It’s the Olive Garden of superpowers. Yeah, he’s got dead parent...

  • Marvel at This
    2 years ago by Luke Darby

    Dallas has no shortage of comic conventions, but with nerds ascending popular culture and becoming more and more socially acceptable, there’s always room for another con. If you’ve never been to one but are curious, then...

  • Stuck In A Movement Loop
    2 years ago by Luke Darby

    Chess tournaments have lost intensity on the national level since, say, the Cold War ended. True, chess is the game of kings, an ultimate test of strategy and has been used by brooding, Scandinavian directors to represent man’...

  • Bam! Pow! Purchase!
    2 years ago by Jennifer Medina

    If you’re the type of person who wakes up early every Wednesday to pick up your comic book subscriptions and you’ve trolled through every shop in town locating your old favorites, then this weekend there’s only one...

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