Fashion Industry Gallery

1807 Ross Ave.
Dallas, TX 75201-8002

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  • Art is Cheaper than Therapy
    1 year ago by Jennifer Davis- Lamm

    The restorative power of making art is well documented; just think back to the good old days when a pair of blunt scissors and construction paper were all it took to center you. The little strokes of watercolors and the smell of Elm...

  • Fall in Love with Art
    2 years ago by Lauren Smart

    Collecting art is like raising race horses: a real knack for it is rare and you need a ton of money to raise a good one. But unlike speedy thoroughbreds, it’s never to late to take up an interest in building your collection or...

  • Dallas Art Fair Signals the City's Potential
    2 years ago by Lauren Smart

    "When I look at my schedule for the weekend, I get exhausted before I even start doing anything. If you really wanted to do everything art related in Dallas, you couldn't." That's gallerist Cris Worley on her experience of a normal ...

  • Like Everything Else in the World, Whiskey Now Has its Own Dallas Festival
    2 years ago by Luke Darby

    Beer and wine certainly have the run of the alcoholic festival circuit. Home brewers competitions, wine tastings, entire dinners built out of dishes incorporating beer -- the list goes on. But there's no reason whiskey shouldn't sha...

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