Kirk Hopper Fine Art

3008 Commerce St.
Dallas, TX 75226

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  • Inspirational Instruction
    11 months ago by Lauren Smart

    Many of the today's contemporary artists are inspired by the same masters. You'll see the work of master painters emulated in young artists as they develop their own careers that often take wildly different paths. The same is true f...

  • CTRL+V
    12 months ago by Lauren Smart

    Before computers gave us the ability to copy paste, it was happening in real life. This is how most technology comes to exist: expediting the human experience. But some artists resist the shortcuts, instead using their hands to copy...

  • Is That Even a Real Word?
    1 year ago by Danielle Georgiou

    “Caligrafitizm.” That’s the first word you see when you look up graffiti artist Soner’s website. What does it mean? Well, it’s an amalgamation of his largest influences: calligraphy, typography, graffit...

  • News From The Hill
    2 years ago by Jamie Laughlin

    One of our generation’s most fascinating artists opens a solo show at Kirk Hopper (3008 Commerce St.) Friday. James Magee has spent more than three decades communicating with a desolate swath of West Texas landscape to build h...

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