Magnolia Gallery

3699 McKinney Ave.
Dallas, TX 75204

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  • Ring That Bell Again
    2 years ago by Jennifer Davis- Lamm

    There’s not much that can be said about It’s a Wonderful Life that hasn’t been said before. Even the most cynical among us are drawn in by the story of the suicidal George Bailey and his journey through what life w...

  • He’s A Special Child
    2 years ago by Jennifer Davis- Lamm

    In the annals of horror films, so much of it targets multiple levels. In all the blood and gore and one-dimensional sexuality and gotcha moments, there lies a social commentary that tears the movies away from the stunts, making it t...

  • Get Pulled Back In
    2 years ago by Jennifer Medina

    Everyone knows that The Godfather Part III sucked. Seriously, Coppola should have left well enough alone, because the first two films are among the greatest movies ever made. But when it comes to which was better, The Godfather or i...

  • He Likes to Watch
    2 years ago by Jennifer Medina

    Sure, it’s frowned upon to spy on your neighbors day and night. But when you’re stuck in a wheelchair with nothing but time on your hands and some fancy-schmancy photography equipment at your fingertips, what’s a g...

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