Magnolia Lounge - Closed

1121 First Ave. at Grand Ave.
Dallas, TX 75210


  • Hours by event.

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    RO2’s Downtown space could barely house the last public offering of “Pizzicato Porno,” a new piece of dance and performance by Justin Locklear and Danielle Georgiou. It wasn’t the gallery’s fault; only ...

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    When you discover that Texas native Christopher Soden is a writer, teacher, critic and performer, you become acutely aware that it was only a matter of time before he threw all of his mojo together for one grand distinctly Soden eve...

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    If you’ve ever dug into your history textbook while huffing mescaline, you might already know the story behind On The Eve, the new locally crafted rock musical written by Michael Federico and Home by Hovercraft’s Seth an...

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    When you think “magician,” you probably think of Criss Angel ... and then you instantly mutter, “What a douche.” But hopefully after you spend an evening with As We Lie Still, a contemporary musical about -- ...

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