Margo Jones Theatre in Fair Park

1300 Robert B. Cullum Blvd.
Dallas / Fort Worth, TX 75315
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  • Love on the Chopping Block
    1 year ago by Lauren Smart

    They say that love comes in all shapes and sizes. That you should take risks for love. That love is an adventure. Or, in the case of Chop — the one-man play from funnyman Brad McEntire — they say all of those things at o...

  • Get Your Freak On
    1 year ago by Jennifer Davis- Lamm

    There’s a little freak in all of us — and not, like, the American Horror Story kind. We all have a part that's unsettled, that wants more, that burns for a crazy experience. Some of us manage to tame that flame, while ot...

  • How Nouveau Can You Go?
    1 year ago by Danny Gallagher

    The holidays aren’t just about getting together with family, giving each other crap that we don’t need and seeing how much ham and pie we can stuff into ourselves before we collapse and require a stomach pump. It’s...

  • A Sack Full of Joys
    1 year ago by Jennifer Davis- Lamm

    The Island of Misfit Toys, per the beloved Rankin/Bass cartoon “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”, hits way close to home for anyone who has ever found themselves on the fringes of “normal” society. Whether you...

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