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  • I Vant To Suck Your Flood
    2 years ago by Jennifer Davis- Lamm

    There’s a vampire for everyone. Sulky teens, poor decision-makers, fashionable dames ... there’s a fictional vamp to suck it up for you. And if you’re a citizen of Louisiana, then you got the neck biters in spades....

  • Vampires on Campus
    2 years ago by Jason Yang

    Over the years, vampires have gone from the mystical creatures of Nosferatu to the high societal members of Interview With the Vampire to the dumbasses of Underworld. The voodoos, meanwhile, have evolved from a person sticking pins ...

  • Initiating Self-Destruct Sequence
    2 years ago by Luke Darby

    Our favorite artist with an inscrutable last name is one of the hardest-working guys in the Texas art world. Stephen Lapthisophon is a professor at the University of Texas at Arlington and University of Texas at Dallas, had multiple...

  • They're Coming for You, Barbara
    3 years ago by Jamie Laughlin

    Romero and Russo changed the way we look at horror in their 1968 cult classic, Night Of The Living Dead. They also are responsible for that panicky feeling you get when you cannot immediately find your keys while walking to your car...

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