Texas Motor Speedway

3545 Lone Star Circle
Justin, TX 76247

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  • Texas Has A Brewfest In It
    3 years ago by Jennifer Medina

    How many times have you thought to yourself, “Why can’t I find a way to combine my appreciation of fine craft beers with my proclivity for financial do-gooding?” Well, now’s your chance to put your money wher...

  • Down And Dirty
    3 years ago by Allison Perkins

    If the thrill of the 75 isn’t enough for you, maybe the Port-A-Cool Texas World Dirt Track Championship at Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth will be. It’s a down and dirty, pedal to the metal, fuel-injected hootenanny w...

  • Race For Her Approval
    3 years ago by Jamie Laughlin

    If you and your significant other are rich, or just bonded over that movie Crash, why not up the adrenaline with an expensive car rental this Valentine's Day? Exotic Driving Experience has a deal where you can rent one exotic car (F...

  • Those Aren't Headlights; It's Santa!
    3 years ago by Jennifer Medina

    Do you know of some crazy person who covered their house in more than two million twinkling Christmas lights this year? If so, tell us so we can crash that holiday party. Otherwise we think you should join us this weekend at the Tex...

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