Theatre Three

2800 Routh St.
Dallas, TX 75201
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Theatre Three

Andy+Hanson In+Theatre+Three%27s+dueling+farces%2C+%3Ci%3EHouse%3C/i%3E+and+%3Ci%3EGarden%3C/i%3E%2C+Emily+Gray%2C+Kerry+Cole+%28center%29+and+J.+Brent+Alford+swap+beds+and+barbs.


  • Daily 12pm-5pm
Nestled into the Uptown plaza known as the Quadrangle, this black-box style theater-in-the-round’s location makes dinner and a show all too convenient (MoMo’s, Dream Cafe and the British Beverage Co. are all just a stone’s throw away). A diverse array of productions has included everything from Enron to Avenue Q. The concentric set-up means actors can enter -- and exit -- from anywhere, so be wary when sneaking off for a bathroom break lest you collide with one of them.

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