Kathy Tran


Kathy Tran
For creative eccentricity, no pizza place in town can top ZaLat, which is unafraid to make a pizza that tastes like pho, elote, a Reuben sandwich or a loaded baked potato. But the flavors aren’t a stoner novelty gimmick; ZaLat builds on a great crust with top-shelf ingredients. Our favorites include the Zealot, ZaLat’s version of a supreme, and the O.G., which pairs pepperoni and salami with the pickly punch of giardiniera and such a heavy showering of black pepper that it practically counts as a topping. Oh, and if stoner novelty gimmicks are actually what you want, the online ordering system — which has a dazzling range of customization options — allows you to request that one random slice of pizza be secretly made extra-spicy as a prank.

Top pick: For a complete meal, add a Caesar salad and a tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, which, yes, ZaLat also sells for takeout or delivery.

The downside: During peak mealtimes, ZaLat can take a half-hour or more to prepare your pizza, so plan ahead. It’s just another sign of the chain’s swelling popularity across the Dallas area.

Fun fact: Several of the restaurant’s locations are actually delivery-ready “ghost” kitchens you can’t visit in person.