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Abundant Life Church

2301 Premier Drive Plano, TX 75075-2511 | Plano | 972-424-4846

Location Description:

In John 17, Jesus prayed a long prayer. It's a prayer that doesn't get much emphasis; but it should because it's full of direction for us. We need to be concerned with the things that concerned Jesus - things He prayed about! Several aspects of that prayer stand out to me, but there is one in particular that I want to point out here. Jesus prayed that His Heavenly Father would GET GLORY through his completed work! Jesus understood that everything He did should point men back to a worthy God. God should get credit. This prayer came just before Jesus took His journey to the cross. So, even His deepest trial was a message of glory to God. Here's what I want you to know about Life Central Church: we exist to give God glory! Our work attempts to point people to Jesus - not us. Our passion and push for excellence is for Him. Every part of our life (the happy stuff and the suffering) is a chance to give Him glory. We are just a bunch of Jesus fans. We know that He is incredible and deserving - so much that it would be foolish for us to act like it is about anyone else but Him! That's what I believe will bleed through to you if you come and worship with us. We are real people who really love Jesus and want Him to be glorified. Come see what God is doing with us. See how He is getting glory through the believers at Life Central. I think you'll like it. Paul Cook Senior Pastor