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Adam the Answer Man

11620 Plano Road, Ste. 8 Dallas, TX 75243 | Garland & Vicinity | 214-553-5450

Location Description:

Adam the Answerman is a North Texas, family-owned business operated by Linda Wojs and son, Steve Wojs. Adam the Answerman has been in business since 1988 and was created by Linda's husband, Kurt Wojs. While Kurt is no longer with us, his legacy of helping others lives on just as he always wanted. Over 100,000 parts are stocked on site with many more available for expedited ordering. There is no problem too small for us to solve. The key to Adam the Answerman's success is providing personal advice and prompt customer service for the appliance repair do-it-yourselfer. Having a store front allows our customers to bring their part or appliance in to the shop in Dallas for more accurate diagnosis.

Best of Award Recipient

Business Description

Adam the Answerman has been helping do-it-yourselfers in North Texas for over 24 years. This Dallas / Fort Worth, famiily business has not only the expertise to help you diagnose your appliance repair problem but also the patience and understanding to help you learn about your problem and the diffculty level of the repair. Thousands of parts are stocked on site in Dallas but even more are usually available in just a few hours.