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Ag Trading Post

14540 E. Beltwood Addison, TX 75001 | Addison | 972-426-6669

Location Description:

Just open near Addison's Restaurant Row, Ag's a "General Merchant" that sells an eclectic spectrum of goods, but only accepts privately minted silver coins as payment; the coins and store are part of a grass-roots movement intending to free vendors and consumers from the fiat-based Federal currency system, which makes much more sense if financial insolvency's ever forced you to drive a Fiat. The coins -- American Open Currency Standard-approved "barter dollars" -- are available at the store for purchase (prices based on silver's raw market value, which nearly doubled this year!), though trade in salable goods is a possibility; most items are US-produced, with an emphasis on regional goods that the owners "are proud to use in our own homes" (hopefully, this region makes toilet paper). The stock includes niche brands like Tears of Joy Hot Sauce (from Austin), Copoco's Honey & Bee Products (from Fort Collins, CO), Fraiche Fine Gifts (soap/chocolates/fruit baskets/other knickknacks, from L.A.), and eco-friendly Good Life thermal drinkware (also Cali), plus recognizable brands such as Buck knives, Berkey water purifiers, and Wiley X sport eyewear -- though some good those did him when he tried to stop a plummeting boulder with that tiny umbrella.